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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

The week before Mother's Day, I had told hubby and kids about a dream I had about Lance Armstrong. I told them that in the dream, Lance wanted to date 'mommy'. I mentioned that in the dream, I was not married and didn't have kids (to which Tim's sly remark was that it was truly my dream...haha).

Anyway, it was an amusing tale to tell and we all had a laugh about it (at least I think we did).

That following Saturday, Cerina and I went to the library. Cerina and I picked up a few books and I was delighted to see that she had picked up a few more of these biography books that she had checked out before. They are basically a compilation of biographies of different 'famous' people in one book. The first few she picked up had stuff on Bethany Hamilton, the surfer girl who lost her arm to a shark a few years back, and stuff on Johnny Depp. It was really interesting to me that she was into reading all about these people's lives.

So she had three more of these biography books and was excited to tell me that one of them had information on Lance Armstrong. To which I replied, "You better read all about him. He wants to date your mommy."

Not much thought goes into my jovial statements. I think I'm HILARIOUS when I get on these whims. So it at least makes me laugh. I just don't realize the impact it has on my kids.

On Mother's Day, Cerina was busy in the playroom with firm warnings to me not to enter the room. I knew she was making something for me for Mother's Day (I LOVE homemade things for these holidays and she knows this).

When she was finally finished, she ran to me with two pictures that Mia had made: big happy faces (which are her favorite things to draw) and three "cards" that she made for me.

The first card had two erasers glued to it: one of a small turtle and the other a pair of pink lips. The card read:
to mom from: everyone
I love mom!
mommy wishis
to kiss lance
How can you make this
sentence better? mommy wishis
to kiss lance tim huffman.

Then she showed me a picture she drew of me and Lance holding hands and kissing, with Tim behind me holding a hammer (?!?!?) and Lance's bike behind him. It is signed "Love Mia, cerina and tim". The picture is the one attached to this post. Very funny and cute.

The last card read:
lance might love
you but tim,
mia, and cerina

will love you more!
Happy Mothers day!

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