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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I couldn't believe the number I had seen when I read "22 killed" during Monday's tragic event at Virginia Tech. When I clicked the link, the article had not actually been updated and it stated "2 killed" and for a millisecond I thought what a horrible typo. But, unfortunately, that indeed was the number at that time and as we all know now, it grew even worse.

It was shocking and yes, thoughts of Columbine hit me first. I remember Columbine pretty clearly and one of my memories from then was relating to the families who were home that evening without their children. The media had stated that the police were still trying to identify the victims -- that late in the evening -- and whether it was true or not, I was empathizing the hopelessness and emptiness and dread these families must have been feeling, knowing (but probably praying it wasn't) their children were victims of Dylan and Eric.

So those same thoughts hit me Monday. Parents frantically trying to contact their children. The dread that these families and friends must be feeling, and for many, the realization that their dread turns to horrifying sadness.

And now, the media is trying to lead "us" to believe something could have been done to prevent this. The fingers are starting to point: why was there a 2 hour gap between the first and second shooting? Why didn't VA Tech continue the lockdown? Why didn't anyone realize this guy was koo-koo?

Hindsight is 20-20 and we all can play armchair quarterback on what _could have_ been done to prevent this.

But seriously, would the proper authorities believe anyone who would say "this guy is going to go on a murderous rampage and kill 30 people"? I think not.

The same for Columbine and the same for 9/11. No one would believe two teenagers were REALLY serious about planting bombs and shooting their peers. What about suicide planes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers? How crazy would that have sounded BEFORE it actually happened?

I've seen reports since Columbine and 9/11 on similar plans being 'thwarted'. Where do I read these? Usually page three or four of the paper or minutes into a newscast. They aren't the headlines. Why? Because I believe no one actually believed these were really going to happen. But maybe they were stopped and hundreds of lives have been saved because of it.

Instead, the media, and the sheep who believe them, want 'us' to believe that if we actually made an effort, we could have stopped Columbine and now, the VA Tech tragedy.

I don't want to take away from this tragedy -- I would rather see a 2nd page blurb on "lunatic was planning a massacre at VA Tech and authorities thwarted his plans". But to now advertise that those who thought he was crazy should've done something about it is just plain silly, This happened because this guy was NUTS and it is HIS FAULT that at least 2 people are dead -- the other 30 two hours later (and I am purposely not including the gunman) may be questionable due to the two hour lapse, although I still stand by the fact that no one could ever believe what happened two hours later.

One of his professors booted him from her class and reported him to authorities. What would have the authorities done? There is no way to know someone would be capable of that and even if she said "He is capable of something bad", would anyone believe her?

I worked with someone who made me feel uneasy. He was not a total lunatic, but he was constantly insubordinate, resisting constructive criticism and continuing to create a tense working environment.

One morning, I sat in my chair and heard a pop. I looked under my chair wheels and found poppers (those subtle 'fireworks'). I know it was him and maybe it was a joke, but I didn't have a strong, good relationship with him and it really made me wonder what the heck was wrong with him.

I reported it to my manager, who blew it off as a joke and pretty much this 'overreacting female' thing. It was insulting that no one thought it was as strange as I thought it was and it was swept under the rug.

Sure, I'm still alive and he still works where I work and he hasn't hurt anyone (that I know of). But I'm cautious and I still think there's a screw loose in him. But I relate this story to VA Tech, Columbine, or any other tragic event. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE IS CAPABLE OF BEING THIS HORRIFIC, or even a miniscule of this horror.

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