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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Obama, Hilary, Edwards

Those are the bumper stickers I want to put on my car (it's actually a minivan). I just want to make the point that I support anyone (of the Democratic party) other than Dubya.

I am a registered Independent, whatever that means. Really, it's a two-party system. I will not support the Republican Party, so where does that leave me? But, I don't like to be 'grouped' into one know, in case the Whigs come back into being an Independent makes me feel better.

I am actually supporting John Edwards this early in the campaign. Obama and Hilary: I'll have to see where this nomination goes later in this race. It's still pretty early. But so far, John Edwards is talking the talk - the stuff **I** want to hear.

He's looking out for the working man and the poor man. He's what I classify as a blue-collar man in a white-collar suit (BCMiaWCS). I've met very, very few people like this. I am one of those BCMiaWCS -- an NCO-bred-Air Force-brat. I wanted to become an officer in the Air Force just to kick sand in their faces, but be the NCO-supporter. Instead (and fortunately), I married an NCO, which led me down a different [white-collar suit] path.

But I still stand by the working man (and I mean man and woe-man). And I believe John Edwards will too.

Yes, he's rich. But so what? I'm not sure why it's a major issue in politics when 1) you have to be rich to run for President and B) no one listens to the working class, so what makes anyone believe that a working class man/woman could make a difference? Hey, I'm not saying it's right, because it ain't (and I mean ain't). But the hard truth is that wealth, power, and a name-brand education gets you in the Oval Office.

At this point, I don't think John Edwards is in the political "IN" crowd. Of course, this could be his demise in this presidential campaign; there's no way to know at this point.

But I admire his platform. He's my West Wing guy -- the president who really wants to make a difference. After seeing "An Inconvenient Truth", I thought about the difference Al Gore could have made over our lives versus the numbskull we've had for the past six years...and unfortunately, still counting.

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