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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This is the most amazing sound we heard at Fearrington Village. It was Day One of Spring Break and the "we" was me and my two lovely girls. We had spent the afternoon wandering the village, although our intent was to see the famous Belted Galloways (black and white cows) at the farm. They were there alright. We drove through the neighborhood and they are scattered throughout this little hamlet. Immediately I thought how cool it must be to wake up and look out your window and see these Oreo cows roaming around.

Anyway, we had an amazing lunch at one of their restaurants when we decided one last stop was to check out the cows. As fate would have it, they were right around the corner from us. Not only were there "belties" but some oreo-like goats and a couple of asses (once those folks got out of the way, we saw donkeys).

The belties were a bit far from us so as we looked at them from afar, we heard a "moooooo" coming from the nearby barn. We looked over and there was the culprit, a big beautiful black cow (possibly a beltie, but she didn't come out) head mooing away.

Yeah, so we've been urbanized enough to be awed by the natural sound of a cow. I know I've heard cows before, so I was even surprised that I had been so tickled by it. My daughter Cerina was astounded though. And seeing her eyes pop out at the sound of a moo was incredible -- and yes, silly to think that we are so citified to be so smitten with the sound of a cow.

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