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Sunday, April 29, 2007

High School Musical

We took our daughter out to this musical at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium (RMA). She had seen the movie on the Disney Channel some time ago and when I saw that there was a musical about it coming to Raleigh, I decided to get tickets.

I knew nothing about this musical, except for being a Disney movie. But soon, I would hear my GOTR girls talk about having tickets for it. One girl even wore a shirt of a boy who is either from the musical or the movie.

So Tim and I took Cerina out for the show, but left Mia home with our babysitter. In retrospect, she probably could have joined us without being a problem.

The show was fine. It started out v*e*r*y similar to another high school musical that many may not know about: Grease. How's this for a spin on it: Boy meets Girl while on vacation. Boy goes back to his school and guess what? There's a new girl at the school who happens to be the same person he met while on vacation!

Well, that's where the obvious similarities break (but not end). Anyway, you can look up what the rest of the story is about. I soon discovered that I was probably one of the only two (Tim being the other) who knew nothing about this movie.

Tim and I have been to several shows at RMA, even Disney musicals like Beauty and the Beast. But the audience never reacted as this audience did when the show began.

Earth-shattering, ear-bleeding, GIRLY SCREAMS. It reminded me of what I heard when I saw old footage of fans going after Elvis, Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and their like. Fortunately, Cerina wasn't doing the same, but her eyes shone in bewilderment, just as excited to be there as a few in the room.

Our seats were balcony seats, on the left side of the stage. I was glad to see we had front row seats, since we were oriented to the extreme side. I sat down and noticed that the two seats that Tim and Cerina had were in front of a 'window', which apparently was a 'code requirement' to prevent stupid people from falling down the stairs and over the balcony. Someone didn't test out their idea, because from where those two seats are situated, nothing but a big square see-through block was what could be seen. So essentially, you had to crouch down low enough so that you could view the show from the little window.

To top that off, once the lights went out, it was obvious that a big blob of something was on it, so not only was the view limited by the little window, but it was obscured more so by this big wad of unknown substance.

We were able to move over to the next aisle of seats, whose potential occupants were fortunate enough to miss the show. But Tim, on his way to get strong drink #2 (probably to just get through the show without banging his head against the window), he mentioned to our usher that the seats were crappy because there was a window with some sort of big booger on it. To which the nice usher replied "I didn't get you those tickets." Nice.

Anyway, we were lucky that the seats we claimed were never reclaimed -- since our other crappy seats were taken by some folks who apparently had even crappier seats than ours.

The music was just OK. Well, probably less than OK for me. I am not a big musical fan, but I can appreciate some of it. I can enjoy some of the music while there, but you can bet your sweet petootie I ain't buying the CD to listen at my own leisure.

Anyway, the music was not appealing to me. If it were not for my daughter, who loved being there, I would have enjoyed making barf faces, or emulating blood shooting out of my ears, but with respect to her, I held back and clapped when I was supposed to. I felt like a Step-ford Mother.

At some point during the show, I noticed a woman - a mom - nearby who was jammin'. I mean, she was jiggling in her seat and singing the songs like she was in the choir. I enjoyed watching her throughout the show. Towards the end, the cast came out into the crowd and danced and sang -- the crowd was even louder and screamier than any other time during the show -- but this woman danced right out of her seat -- just boogying her ass off. I thought "Hmmm...I bet I look like that when I go to those concerts at Walnut Creek" so I did my best to not be too judgmental. Remember "do unto others as they do unto you" or something like that.

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