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Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Dori

This happened last Thursday, before I started this blog, but it was such a hoot that I have to write it down.

Last Thursday, I picked up my little girl (Mi-Mi) at preschool and headed over to The Athlete's Foot in Cameron Village to pick up my Run for the Oaks packet. As soon as I got there, I saw Salman and Niki and chatted with them for a bit. We headed into the store and quickly got the packets for me and "Tim".

So as I am putting my daughter back into her car seat, I noticed a lady who appeared to be waiting for me to get Mia in the car. I assumed it was her car that was parked right next to mine, so I told her that she was welcomed to go to her car and I would squeeze into my van to put my daughter in the seat.

As she came around to her car door, she said something to my daughter about Dory and Nemo from Finding Nemo. I guessed that she noticed a Nemo movie in the mess of my car and decided to make small talk with us. She then told us that her name was Dory and I coaxed Mi-Mi to act surprise as I was, anything to just make nice with the chatty stranger.

So I continue to appease her and tell her that Dory is one of my favorite characters (she is, so it wasn't a lie) and I turn back to continue my business of getting Mi-Mi in her seat and heading home. But no, she sort of shrills 'Look - I have her in my back window!' and she points to the back of her red VW bug and sure enough, I see a stuffed animal Dory.

I give her a courtesy giggle and tell her how cool that is, but I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to ask her to dinner...

Again, I turn back to Mi-Mi as I see the real Dory get into her car. But I did hear mumbling and I'm not sure what she's saying, but I think she's saying something like 'goodbye'.

So I get Mi-Mi plugged into the car seat and I turn to close the door when I see Dory back in front of me and she's holding a cake. She asks Mi-Mi "Do you want the Dory?" and explains that Saturday is her birthday and this is her birthday cake. Well, I see two characters on her cake - Dory and Nemo. She prods Mi-Mi to take the Dory and I relent and say OK.

She struggles to open this BRAND NEW untouched birthday cake and orders me to help her open the plastic lid. I abide and take the Dory off the cake which leaves a small dent behind. Mi-Mi hurriedly grabs it and proceeds to lick the icing off of it. She hasn't actually said anything this entire time...just a few smiles and a look of 'who the heck is this woman?'

I tell "Dori" (I note the spelling, since it's spelled out on the cake) thank you, how very sweet of her and hope she has a nice birthday. It doesn't end. She now asks Mi-Mi if she would like the Nemo one too. I immediately tell her 'No, No, we appreciate the Dory, but we cannot take the Nemo'. Did I mention there are only two characters on the cake and the writing "Happy Birthday Dori" removing Nemo leaves a pretty bland birthday cake appearance.

She insists and I awkwardly accept and now take the Nemo character off the cake. This leaves a pretty big hole - Nemo takes a big dollop of icing with it, so one can see all the way down to the cake. So I look at Mi-Mi and tell her we can give this to Cerina, she loves Nemo and she'll love the icing.

I turn to look at Dori and she's looking at me with that lightbulb-went-off-in-her-head look. She shoves the cake into me and tells me - Do you want the cake? I definitely said NO WAY AM I TAKING YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE. She's like "Why not? Come on - you're just the person I needed to see today! Please take this cake home with you." I insisted no and then asked her why she would give her birthday cake away. She said that she had just lost 25 lbs and friends were still giving her stuff like this...her birthday gift was running the race on Saturday.

Well, I took the cake. I don't know why - peer pressure...well, Dori-pressure...and I suddenly was holding the cake. I put the cake in the car, then turned to Dori and gave her a hug and told her that good things should come her way for being so nice. I really meant it and even though it was the oddest occurrence (but not unusual for me, it seems), it did make me feel good to encounter someone like Dori.

On the drive home, I was still just awed that this had happened. Mi-Mi would ask several times to take a look at the birthday cake. When we got it home, I explained the whole thing to Tim and CJ, who thought it was the kookiest thing.

Later that evening, we lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday to Dori before we cut the cake. CJ blew the candle out and made a wish for her. Shortly after the cake was consumed and enjoyed, I said to Tim "What if she poisoned the cake?!"

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  1. That's too funny, I looked to see if I could find any Dori in the results from the race, but no luck. Maybe she was in the non competitive group. Anyway, I guess you are all still alive so the cake must have been ok. But I have to say I'm not shocked about the poison paranoia, just that you didn't think of it until after you ate it :-)