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Ghostly Savannah: Day Four

Today was a trip to Bonaventure Cemetery. It definitely is not a walk from was quite a drive through the outskirts of downtown and through a neighborhood to get to this magnificent cemetery. Probably my favorite cemetery in all of cemeteries I've seen, except for the one in


Historic Savannah: Day Three

More walking through Savannah today...this time through its Historic areas.

I really love how this city is laid out, with all of it's squares. Forget traffic circles, squares is what it's all about. It reminds me of my own "I don't do circles" story that some of you may


The Curse Weakens: Day Two

The rain continues, albeit it is more of a sprinkling-to-soft-showering-than-rain. But it is still classified as rain.

Still no cable or wifi - technically, but some of us have ways around that and with that said - the previous evening was spent catching up on season two of Parks and


The Cursed Trip: Day One

We're on Spring Break. The kids are not making up their snow days. We did not have a pre-planned trip, where we had dates reserved somewhere exotic, or even non-exotic, that couldn't be broken.

And for the most part, our Spring Break is usually planned spontaneously. We know we WILL


Jilted Eggs and Non-Corn Syrupy Pie

I'm not going to bore you with the details of my Thanksgiving meal. But I'll share two great recipes, one new, one old; and one more recipe that is a YMMV.

We did try to order a deep fried turkey from Bojangles but apparently the nearest place to do that


Day four: caverns and descent

Tim delivered the news early that morning: we were going to cut the vacation short and leave a day early.

The news of the winter weather coming in late Tuesday into Wednesday was too daunting to keep us there another day. We were set to leave Wednesday morning anyway, so